Tastes sublime


Tastes sublime

Our chef of over 30 years, Richard Trant, believes that people come back to us year after year because everything that comes out of our kitchens is sourced from quality suppliers and meticulously prepared. For a man who trained in West End Michelin kitchens, tutored by some of the great chefs of the time, our Head Chef Richard Trant makes a big statement when he says that the reason he’s dominated our Merchant Taylors’ kitchen for 33 years is that there is nowhere else in London that sources finer produce.

 ‘The only constraint on what we cook here is availability. We’re only interested in the very best ingredients. Our fish comes from Cornwall or Scotland depending on quality and seasonality, we consider our game butcher to be the best in the country and the many local market suppliers we work with on a daily basis are outstanding,’ he says. ‘We have a 30 year network and I believe that shows in the produce we put on people’s plates.’ 

‘Everything that comes out of our kitchens is fresh and cooked from scratch. All our sauces are derived from our own stocks,’ says Richard. ‘We always sit down with people who are hosting big events such as dinners and weddings and there is very little we haven’t cooked. In September for instance we’re hosting an event for a society who have asked for poulet noir which is chicken stuffed with truffles and cooked in a pig’s bladder so that it blows up to look like a football! We enjoy developing every client’s bespoke food wishes.’ 

Richard still believes there’s work to be done – ‘I’ve been able to introduce West End techniques and styles passed down from the masters and I’m confident that when I retire there’ll be people here who I’ll be very happy to hand over the reins to. I have no doubts at all that they’ll take our produce and menus forward in really exciting ways. It’s dangerous to stand still.’ 

‘I don’t work in isolation. In our kitchen there’s a core team of seven chefs with the ability to bring in another seven when we need them. We’re all focused on continuing to produce top quality food complemented by the very best customer service in the City. You get the whole package when you book a Merchant Taylors’ event.’

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