10 twists on Strawberries and Cream


10 twists on Strawberries and Cream

You can’t beat a home-grown British strawberry covered in cream. But if you really want to impress guests at your summer party this year, why not get creative with this classic combination? We’ve come up with 10 delicious ways you can serve strawberries and cream, with a twist…

 1.  Mini Victoria sponges

Soft, moist Victoria sponge filled and topped with fresh, whipped cream and homemade jam, crowned with a whole strawberry. This classic cake adaptation creates a delicious dessert bite. Serve it with a dusting of icing sugar.

 2.  Strawberry cheesecake shots

With a buttery, biscuit base, a tangy strawberry-infused cream cheese centre and a layer of cream to finish, a strawberry cheesecake shot makes a fabulous sweet canapé. Garnish with a tiny sprig of mint and serve with a teaspoon.

3.  Berry jelly and white chocolate cream

This sweet treat is a sophisticated version of jelly and ice cream. Set some fresh berries in a strawberry jelly and top with a white chocolate and cream ganache and more fresh fruit. If you want, you could forgo the ganache, add a little flavoured vodka to the jelly and serve the fruity mix as a cocktail rather than a pudding.

4.  Eton mess

Crumbled meringue, mixed summer berries and lashings of whipped double cream. When topped with a swirl of berry compote, Eton mess not only tastes the part, but looks it too. Serve in individual portioned-dishes to ensure this sit-down dessert is in-keeping with an elegant evening of fine dining.

5. Individual summer puddings

There’s no finer sight at dinner, than the rich berry filling of a summer pudding oozing out of its juice-soaked bread encasement. Unless of course it’s the image of the said berry filling hitting a large dollop of soft-whipped cream. Top off this classic dessert with a single, halved strawberry to add finesse.

6. Chocolate and cream strawberry bites

Imagine a strawberry with its bottom half dipped in dark chocolate and its top half carefully quartered and stuffed with clotted cream.  Now picture a dozen of them on a serving platter dusted with icing sugar, circulating your event. Are your guests smiling and edging their way towards the waitress?

7. Mini strawberry crème fraiche ice cream cones

Made from fresh strawberries and full-fat crème fraiche, this sweet, creamy ice cream works perfectly when served in a mini cone and sprinkled with freeze-dried strawberry pieces. It’s a fun dessert canapé perfectly attuned to an informal summer barbecue or drinks party.

8. Strawberry and cream ice lollies

There are no hidden ingredients in these individual desserts. Style the lolly sticks to suit your event’s theme and serve ‘upside down’ on the trays so they are easy for guests to pick up.

9. Strawberry mousse

This pudding can be served in individual ramekins for a flawless presentation and the recipe has just a handful of ingredients. The strawberry and cream flavours dominate the dish and your guests will appreciate how light and airy it is as it melts in their mouths.

10 .Strawberries and cream

If you want to serve a less adulterated version of strawberries and cream but want your guests to know you’ve making an effort, there’s a clever little touch you can add that’s sure to impress.  Consider flavouring your cream – rose, cocoa, mint, crushed praline – there are dozens of delicious options.

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