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Do you have an important client reception or staff party to arrange? Perhaps the responsibility for a major conference sits on your shoulders. A training awayday for key personnel. A roadshow. An awards dinner, or the chance to push the boat out for a gathering of very special friends. Whatever the event, you’ll know exactly what you want to achieve. And bringing it all together perfectly is what we’re good at.

From 10 people to 700. Tailored to your vision and budget. Organised with flair and precision. An unforgettable event at Merchant Taylors’ can start right now with a call to 020 7450 4445.



In 1327, King Edward III’s Royal Charter established the Fraternity of Tailors and Linen Armourers, later known as The Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors’.


Linen Armourers who originally belonged to the Guild made the padded tunics known as Gambesons worn under armour.


The threads and needles representing the trade of The Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors’ may have given the name to Threadneedle Street where The Livery Company has been based since 1347.


The Great Kitchen at Merchant Taylors’ has been producing fabulous food for over 500 years.


The original 14th century floor of the Hall was made of beaten clay covered with rushes…and can still be seen today.


Henry VII first recognised the Guild by the name of Merchant Taylors’ in 1503.


In 1607, God save the King. was conducted by John Bull and sung for the first time at a private musical event at Merchant Taylors’.


James I enjoyed dining in private at Merchant Taylors’ in 1607 in the room known today as the King’s Gallery


In 1666, Merchant Taylors’ Hall was gutted in the Great Fire of London, but the Library and its books survived.


Alexander I of Russia and Frederick William III of Prussia dined in the Hall in 1814.


The Duke of Wellington an Honorary Freeman of Merchant Taylors’.


Over its history, Merchant Taylors’ has evolved from a medieval Guild responsible for the tailoring trade, to a society of global merchants, and finally to an association with an educational and charitable focus.